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We are the cheapest blocked driveway towing company in St. Louis. Give us a call 24 hours per day for the lowest tow rates for blocked driveways and parking violations. Our towing company in St. Louis has been in business for over 20 years, helping customers in various vehicle removal situations. Whether you need blocked driveway towing, parked car towing, or vehicle removal in St. Louis, call us today!

Many people tend to Block Driveways in St. Louis including Central West End (CWE), University City, Chesterfield, and Clayton, Missouri. It can sometimes be a huge problem when your driveway is blocked by another vehicle. If an emergency comes your way, and you can't exit your driveway, it could be a life and death situation.

In a situation like this the only solution available is to tow the vehicle and unblock the driveway. You could stand there and wait for the owner of the vehicle to come back which can take from anywhere from a few minutes to even a few days. You might think that this doesn’t seem like the most efficient way of dealing with the Blocked Driveway in St. Louis. Well, you are right. There is a more professional and hassle-free way of taking care of your Blocked Driveway problem - Call St. Louis Towing Co.!

24/7 Blocked Driveway Vehicle Towing

It doesn’t only have to be your house driveway that someone might block; it can be your garage or maybe even a parking spot that you pay for or is assigned ONLY to you. It doesn’t end there, you might be a business owner in STL and you have parking for customers, but sometimes people tend to park there which can cause you lose money.

We offer St. Louis, MO Blocked driveway service at all times, we know how to tow the vehicle safely so that things remain calm and cool. Our Saint Louis Towing Flatbed Tow Truck drivers are fully trained to remove blocked driveway vehicles in queens as quickly as possible so you can go where you need to be.

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